Why small businesses should hire an accountant

Here are just four of the reasons your company needs an accountant:

1. There’s no one else who knows finances better

Businesses of all size are required to abide by a seemingly endless number of financial regulations and rules, and having an accountant’s experience and expertise to lean on is crucial, especially for a small company.

From taxation to EOFY reporting, accountants can ensure your business’s activities are compliant and therefore avoid falling into any regulatory traps – something no company just starting out wants to fall into.

2. Accountants can offer more than just “number crunchers”

Our accounting services are more than just calculating figures and writing up budgets! We now play a range of vital roles for many of our clients.

These can include guiding small businesses about the best next steps for growth. Accountants can also play an advisory role, informing your organisation on legal, compliance and other matters.

3. Accountants are invaluable in the auditing process

If you find that your business is being investigated, an accountant is the first person you’ll want by your side. With years of experience in this crucial accounting activity, they can help your company emerge from the audit with top marks.

4. Networking opportunities!

Accountants work with a huge range of clients, with many of them being in the same field or industry as you. Just think about the networking and referral opportunities this implies – if you need to build your contact base in the industry, your accountant could be a good person to ask.

Still confused about whether your business needs an accountant? Contact us today!