‘When we were expanding Incloud took up the strain and saved us £11,000 in costs’

Annie Coles – Company Secretary, Ricker Restaurants Holdings Ltd

‘Saved us money and provided much greater detailed access’

Paul Holygarth – Social Club, Ilkley

‘Payroll and VAT returns at reduced costs’

Oliver Williamson – General Manager, Eastside Restaurants

‘Never late any more with my returns’

Van Sommers – Photographer London

‘As a builder it made my life so much easier’

Richard Waterson – total Solutions North East

‘No Headache! It works for me’

Damien Tapper – Director, DLT Organic, Leeds

‘Corrected previous accountant’s errors in VAT returns resulting in a £10000 refund’

Paul Gay – Managing Director, Whites Hairdressers Ltd, London

‘After seeing the efficiency that Sarah is receiving from yourself and your team, I would like to get all changed over BCL as soon as possible’